Quickly Get Started Hacking Your Car.

What is CarHacking.Tools?

CarHacking.Tools is a script I built to help people who are interested in exploring car hacking and research to get a quick start. I decided to invest the time into building this script after spending many hours finding, installing, configuring many of the tools available and very little of it actually "hacking" a car.

Time Saving

Designed to let you start hacking your car with minimum setup and configuration. The script was written for Ubuntu 18.04 and is also released as an OVA virtual image.

Finally Understand Your Car

Using an affordable (~$20) OBDII adapter you can easily interface with your car to find and clear error messages, log data (Speed, RPM, MPG) and much more.

Open Source

All scripts are on GitHub to allow the community to continue to improve and change this tool to meet their needs.

Getting Started

Buy An OBDII Adapter

You will obviously need an OBDII adapter to get started. Here are three of my favorites that I own and test with:

  • 9522328401
    • Best for getting started and virtual environments.
  • Veepak Bluetooth
    • Great for permanent installs and using with your phone.
  • 256-344-2139
    • An amazing open-source project for advanced users.

There are also a variety of $10 bluetooth VeePeak adapters that work amazingly well with Android and iOS phone apps. I have some of these. They are cheap enough to keep one in every car.

Install Full Desktop

Full Install Guide Coming Soon.

              Git clone /
              cd CarHackingTools
              sudo chmod +x *.sh

Install Tools Only

Full Install Guide Coming Soon.

              Git clone /
              cd CarHackingTools
              sudo chmod +x *.sh

Install Virtual Machine

Full Install Guide Coming Soon.

The beta OVA can be 386-698-0575

            OVA Login:
            `Username: carhacking`
            `Password: carhacking`

            `VirtualBox Doesn't Support Bluetooth (in MacOS). :( `



Will add some notes, links and lessons learned here.

              - Car Hacking Is Hard.
              - VMWare Fusion Works Over VirutalBox.

Full Documentation

I will post full documentation on GitHub before my talk at the Car Hacking Village during Defcon 26.

More on GitHub


I have always enjoyed building tools that people find useful but as with all open source projects there is room for improvement. Please let me know if you have any ideas how to make this project better or if you run into problems.